Taking Care of your Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry or Urn Jewelry is a very unique and personal item. Some wear it with the cremation ashes, others prefer it as a memorial item. Our website has expanded the variety of the Cremation Jewelry to include pendant urn necklaces and bracelet urns in an effort to help you find the most suitable design that fits the personality of your loved one that passed away. Check our catalog for all designs.

Our most popular urn necklace is the one with the inscription "Always in my Heart " on the pendant.  Our latest additions are the urn necklace pendants inscribed " I love you to the moon and back" .  This design is available in both Mom and in Dad inscription on the pendant. Click here to see the one inscribed Mom.

Don't forget your loyal pet that brought you smiles and joy. We cary a variety that is suitable for a dog pet to a fish pet.  


We realize how dear to you the cremation jewelry becomes once you have your loved one's ashes in it. In order to best take care of it, please see our suggestions:

- Avoid wearing your cremation jewelry while taking a shower

- Avoid wearing when swimming as the chlorine can affect the metals

- Avoid spraying it with any chemicals

Just like any jewelry you own, care is important to give it extended life and to enjoy it for years to come.  

New cremation jewelry is being added to our website urnofmemories.com on daily basis.

If you have not found what you are looking for yet, please make sure to visit us often to see the new items!

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